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US Soccer blew $20 million on failed Jurgen Klinsmann project

Money for nothing.

FIFA Council Meeting - Part I Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Jurgen Klinsmann was fired by US Soccer on Monday, marking the end of a era laced with false promises, grandiose excuses, and personal insults. I don’t care what Klinsmann thinks about you, American Soccer Fan. You’re not a stupid idiot. (Unless, of course, you argue about “pitch” vs. “field”.)

However, we’re not here today to talk about Klinsmann’s failures (read about those here and here and here and here) or the fact that Philipp Lahm (and me and every other Bayern Munich fan) warned you that this would happen. Let’s talk about money.

While many of us knew that Klinsmann’s buyout was going to be large due to Sunil Gulati’s financial mismanagement, ESPN’s Darren Rovell was kind of enough to give us the details on the financial side of things.

Obviously, it’s not really fair to do the math like this due to there being a buyout of the final two years of his contract, but US Soccer spent $4 million a YEAR on the failed Klinsmann project. If Klinsmann is the best manager that you can hire for $4 million a year, then we’ve got bigger problems to discuss.

Sunil, that money could’ve been spent in fun ways like, I don’t know, paying the US Women’s National Team what they deserve.

Or, instead of watching all of that money burn, you could've spent that wasted cash on bribing FIFA officials so the USA could host World Cup 2022.

Come 2018, US Soccer should be looking for new leadership.