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US national team players react to the election

It’s been a wild couple of days.

Olympics: Football-Women's Team-1st Round Group G-United States (USA) vs France (FRA) John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

And so another American election cycle comes to a close. It was a particularly wild ride this time around for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the reactions from NT players.

Omar Gonzalez and Jozy Altidore both retweeted this:

While DeAndre Yedlin retweeted this hope:

As you might imagine, players were a little more vocal on the WNT side:

There were plenty of other players who simply encouraged others to vote without necessarily endorsing one candidate over another. Considering these athletes often directly represent the United States by wearing the flag and USSF crest, you can bet some of them probably have a strong emotional investment in the state of the country. Many of them are people likely to be affected by this election as women, people of color, or descendants of immigrants.

Both the men and the women play this week, the women in a friendly against Romania and the men in their big Hex clash with Mexico. Regardless of election outcomes, sports roll on, but the players are people first and many of them showed their more human sides in their reactions.