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Alex Morgan to Lyon rumors intensify

Lyon continues to lay a trail of Champions League medals leading to a box propped up by a stick tied to a string.

Romania v United States Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Remember how Olympique Lyonnais have been after Alex Morgan, at least on social media? This past summer the twitter courting intensified as team owner Jean-Michel Aulas sent this to Alex Morgan:

Well now Alex Morgan is in France visiting Lyon, per a post on Pieds Carrés Foot Féminin’s facebook page. The post says Morgan might be interested in joining the club this winter for a shot at Champions League.

There’s also this from Romain Balland from Eurosport, helpfully translated by Sylvain Jamet:

Champions League runs through early summer, with the final on June 1. Should Morgan join OL and make a run to the final with them - a fair bet, given the club’s success - she would miss NWSL preseason and something like six to eight games, depending on the schedule. That would still leave her available for the majority of the season with the Orlando Pride.

Orlando knows how to function without Morgan, and if she’s gone for preseason and a bit of the early season, that’s probably fine. In the meantime Morgan would still be training and playing full time in a high-level environment, and plenty of USWNT players, such as Christen Press and Lindsey Horan, have spoken of the benefits of playing in Europe.