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Is this the new U.S. Soccer black kit?

This image from Todo Sobre Camisetas has leaked onto the internet today with what shows a potential U.S. Soccer black kit. It was confirmed that the United States men's and women's team would be getting new kits and a new crest before the March World Cup qualifiers. We also know that a black kit has been promised. Well, this leak fits both of those descriptions and appears to feature the badge that leaked last year.

While we shouldn't take it for granted that this is the new black kit, our B.S. meter is going to say that this is probably it.

It's certainly new and different, and will definitely cause a lot of angst and debate among supporters. It's a new year for U.S. Soccer and these new kits and crest signify a major change from the old brand.

This is 2016. Nothing stays a secret. Leaks are guaranteed before official announcements.

UPDATE: Here's another mock up from respected kit leaks site

We'll let you decide whether or not you believe this is it. What do you think of it?