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U.S. Soccer teases crest change on social media

Like it or not a major change is coming to the brand of U.S. Soccer. There will be a brand new crest unveiled within the next month. Perhaps that change will be coming sooner rather than later if the organization's social media behavior is any indication.

Late Thursday night all Twitter accounts associated with U.S. Soccer have had their avatars removed and left blank hinting that the change is coming very soon.

Not only have these vague clues be left, but they also released a not-so-subtle video on their social media platforms that shows the old crest being removed from outside what appears to be the Federation's headquarters. They left a caption of "BRB" or Be Right Back in internet lingo.

There is no doubt that the change is happening. You can get a sneak peak at what is all but certain to be the crest that leaked last year here.