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Tim Howard close to Colorado Rapids transfer

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Tim Howard's long and illustrious career at Everton appears as if it will be over after this Premier League season. ESPNFC reports that the United States goalkeeper is on the verge of finalizing a transfer to MLS where he would join the Colorado Rapids.

The reported transfer fee between MLS and Everton is expected to be between $600,000 and $750,000.

It was rumored a week ago that Howard was demanding a yearly salary of around $5 Million, which is a little outrageous for a player of his age. The report now states that he'll be paid $2 Million a year. While that's still pretty steep for a goalkeeper Designated Player in MLS, it's way more reasonable than what he wanted.

The 36-year-old USMNT legend will finish out the current season with Everton then join the Rapids in July when the European transfer window opens.

Yet another high profile American star is set to come back to MLS. While it's great for our domestic league and the fans, it has to infuriate Jurgen Klinsmann who has repeatedly stated his wishes for his players to test themselves in the best leagues. No matter how mad he may be, it doesn't appear as if it will affect Howard's national team standing with no clear heir apparent to his roster spot in waiting.