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Everything we know about US Soccer's new kits and crest so far

This year is shaping up to be very intriguing one for United States Soccer. Obviously there's the on-field happenings like Copa America Centenario, World Cup qualifying and the Olympics to get excited about. There's also major things going on off-the-field for the program that will change the brand for forever. U.S. Soccer is getting all new kits this year and a brand new crest to don. Here's everything that has been leaked into the public so far:

The Crest

So, the new USSF crest hasn't officially been announced yet. U.S. Soccer's twitter account currently dons a blank avatar in preparation for the big unveiling. However, the surprise is all but gone as we already know what it looks like. The crest leaked onto the internet nearly seven months ago.

That leak has since been confirmed by gift packages sent to random supporters with scarves featuring the new crest on them:

It's a stark difference between the old crest that has remained fairly consistent save for a few color tweaks over the past 20 years. Predominately white, it drops the confusing stars from the design that in soccer usually represents World Cups won.

Home Kit

We know very little about the new home kit. Few details have leaked about it until today. got the scoop today that the home kit will be white and feature two different shades of blue. "Game Royal" blue will be joined alongside "Midnight Navy" on the new home strip. Hopefully it'll be a classy look once we find out more.

Away Kit

Much like the crest, we already have a very clear picture of what the new away shirt will look like. Images began leaking out last week of a black kit with one red and one blue shoulder. The concept has a lot of people upset and disgruntled. Here's one concept image:

It's an extremely bold new look that is designed specifically for the special Copa America Centenario tournament in the Summer. Only time will tell what it will look like once the players actually wear them on the field. As for now we only have graphics and poor images to judge from.