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US Soccer unveils new crest in unorthodox fashion

The new U.S. Soccer crest has finally been officially unveiled and there are no surprises that the long-rumored/leaked version has been confirmed. The news isn't which crest was unveiled today, but how the federation went about doing it.

Instead of the normal Twitter or Facebook post announcing their new brand, the USSF decided to take their release to the virtual world. Virtual Reality is supposedly all the rage these days. The New York Times reports that U.S. Soccer officially announced their new crest via a virtual reality promotional video in conjunction with special gift packages sent to thousands of supporter's club members.

It's an unveiling like we've never seen before. U.S. Soccer's attempt to draw attention to their new crest through alternative technological means is a valiant one. Kids these days and their fancy trinkets may very well identify with this sort of release.

As far as the actual crest goes, it seems to be very neutral when it comes to fan reaction. It's not a design that will blow anyone's hair back, but as time goes on it'll likely be accepted more than the clipart, flying soccer ball crest that was used for the last 22 years.