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Borussia Dortmund manager praises Christian Pulisic, talks playing time

Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

Christian Pulisic, the young American prospect that has shocked everyone by breaking into the Borussia Dortmund first team, is drawing massive praise from everyone around the club. Most importantly it's his manager that is impressed the most.

Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel spoke to the media on Monday and went as far as calling the 17-year-old an "integral part" part of the club's attack. Pretty astonishing words to describe the youngster who has only played in two Bundesliga matches so far.

"At the moment it's a great pleasure to have him...he's an integral part of our attack" said Tuchel about Pulisic in a pre-match press conference. "It's important to keep all options open; Whether he starts, comes on as a sub or plays for the Youth."

While we all want to see him starting games as soon as possible, there's no need to fret if he doesn't. He's 17 years old and a young 17 at that. He won't turn 18 until September when next season has already begun. There is plenty of time for Pulisic to fight his way into starting minutes.

The opposite also reigns true. If we see him taken out of the matchday squad and sent back to the reserves for some reason there's no need to panic. He's so young and so talented, whatever first team opportunities he gets this season should be considered a bonus.

Pulisic has had two substitute appearances for Dortmund in three Bundesliga matches since the winter break ended. Both matches he entered were scoreless at the time, a huge statement that the young player is already held in high regard by the manager.

The future of this young and dynamic player is extremely bright, but let's not overreact if he hasn't replaced Marco Reus or any of the other world class attacking players in the Dortmund side before his 18th birthday. Just enjoy that a promising American is an important part of the second-place team in the Bundesliga.