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FIFA finally admits World Cup bribes took place, seeks reimbursement from USA authorities

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

FIFA appears to finally be accepting some sort of blame for the widespread corruption that took place under its roof. In documents submitted to the U.S. Attorney's Office and the U.S. Probation Office for the Eastern District of New York, FIFA requested restitution for funds lost to their own corrupt officials.

They estimate that 'tens of millions of dollars' that was supposed to go to helping the sport of soccer were lost to officials such as Jeffery Webb, Jack Warner, and Chuck Blazer, who pocketed the money or used for bribes and/or kickbacks.

"The convicted defendants abused the positions of trust they held at FIFA and other international football organisations and caused serious and lasting damage to FIFA, its member associations and the football community. The monies they pocketed belonged to global football and were meant for the development and promotion of the game. FIFA as the world governing body of football wants that money back and we are determined to get it no matter how long it takes,"

-FIFA President, Gianni Infantino; Source:

FIFA is hopeful that the money will be reimbursed to them for proper use around the soccer world. All eyes will be on the new leadership at FIFA, perhaps this could be a good measuring stick for U.S. officials to use for the new regime. If world soccer's governing body is truthful about ridding themselves of corruption, this would be a fine time to make sure this money gets into the right hands unlike it did in the past.