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Carlos Ruiz doesn't pay his rent; may miss World Cup qualifier in USA

The Guatemalan legend might miss out on Guatemala's World Cup qualifying game with the U.S. because he can't leave the country...because he didn't pay rent?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Carlos Ruiz is probably the most important Guatemalan player to play the game. He is Guatemala's most-capped player ever (125), their highest scorer ever (59), and has been a key piece since 1998, when he debuted as a nineteen year-old, until now, at the ripe age of 36. The USMNT have two qualifying games against Guatemala this month, a home and away series with a first game in Guatemala City (March 25th) and a return trip to Columbus, Ohio (March 29th). That second leg in Columbus just got a bit easier for the Nats, though, as it appears Carlos Ruiz cannot leave the country at the moment because he didn't pay his rent. Yep.

Normally, I'd expect to see something like this in The Sun, but the news is coming from the Guatemalan soccer federation's website. Ruiz's legal troubles stemming from missed payment on rent are actually keeping him within Guatemalan borders. It does appear that he is able to play the game in Guatemala City, but going to the U.S. is out of the question at the moment.

All of this begs the question: What did Ruiz spend that money on? He's had a long and successful career in the western hemisphere, making stops in MLS at LA Galaxy, FC Dallas, Toronto FC, Philadelphia Union, and D.C. United, in addition to playing for Veracruz and Puebla in Liga MX, Aris in Greece, Olimpia in Paraguary, and his home club Municipal (with whom he currently plays). Ruiz is the big man on the block in Guatemala. Did he want a Bentley? Gold leaf in this toothpaste? A sizable collection of WWE merchandise featuring memorabilia from wrestling's greatest heels, of which school he was a spiritual descendant with his below-the-belt play in MLS? Inquiring minds want to know.