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UPDATED: Where in the world is Christian Pulisic?

Time to put on your Twitter detective hats. The American starlet appears to be en route to join a U.S. team. We just don't know which one.

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

America's brightest prospect appears to be joining a U.S. youth set-up, but the question remains as to which one he'll actually be playing with. After playing against Tottenham in Dortmund's Round of 16 Europa League tilt, the American was left off the gameday rosters for both Dortmund's U-19 and senior side over the weekend. Dortmund's Twitter account appeared to provide an explanation for this absence, however.

Many people were disappointed in not seeing Pulisic's name on Andi Herzog's U-23 roster (others were disappointed in not seeing his name on the full roster, for that matter), as the 17 year-old cracked Dortmund's senior side this season, boasting both Bundesliga and Europa League appearances for the German giants. The question still remains, however: just where is Pulisic going?

The U-20 team is playing in the Dallas Cup at the moment, and that age group is the next age group step up for Pulisic. Many of his old teammates from the U-17 team are on that roster right now. However, his vision and invention would be very welcome on a U-23 side that struggled to create its own chances against tougher opposition (as in, anything at or above Canada's level of play). Pulisic is playing in the Bundesliga because of his exceedingly good touch, vision, and passing, and his slight, short frame has withstood the challenges and tackles of men far bigger and older than him already. So, the real question here is one of development versus results. Does U.S. Soccer want to continue his development at a steady pace? Or does his talent make him a necessary asset for a U-23 squad in a do-or-die playoff?

UPDATE: It turns out he's is still in Dortmund suffering with a cold.