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Christian Pulisic may join USA before World Cup Qualifiers

Another twist in the weird saga

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The continuing wonder of where promising American midfielder Christian Pulisic may end up over the International break took another turn today. As we started yesterday in our "Where in the world is Christian Pulisic?" article Borussia Dortmund's Twitter account said the plan was for him to be with the American youth sides

Dortmund later that day decided to say Pulisic is suffering from a cold and would not be joining the Yanks:

Now today, Dortmund released on their official website that the 17-year-old midfielder is set to join the senior team in Guatemala in their World Cup Qualifying game against Guatemala. They even mention him specifically, saying he's preparing for his debut.

When asked about it on Twitter, the club reveal that he's still sick and could join later in the break.

At this point, who knows what happening. It's another weird twist. Why would the club continue to say that he'll be joining the USMNT and U.S. Soccer not announce anything? We won't know anything until an official announcemnt is made. Wherever Christian ends up, it will surely be interesting news.

What do you think ends up happening to Christian Pulisic in this international break? What should happen?