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Christian Pulisic taken off initial USA World Cup qualifying roster, could be added back

Finally some clarity

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Finally we have some clarity on the Christian Pulisic call-up saga. Yes, the 17-year-old *cough* phenom *cough* was originally listed on the United States roster to face Guatemala this coming Friday. However, he was forced off due to an illness according to ESPN's Doug McIntyre, but could join the team in Columbus for the second match if he's feeling better.

This is rather huge news because it means that Jurgen Klinsmann is ready to cap Pulisic at such a young age. Even though he's never expressed a desire to switch allegiances, he does hold a passport for Croatia and could represent them if he so chooses. Calling him up for a World Cup qualifier and putting him into a match would tie him to the USA for the rest of his career.

Pulisic's name appeared neither on the USMNT or U-23 roster to the surprise of many. Most expected he'd at least join the U-23's to help them try to qualify for the Olympics. Borussia Dortmund kept dropping hints on Twitter and on their website about where Pulisic would be deployed, but all were very vague. Apparently it was Jurgen Klinsmann who had his eye on him the whole time only to be thwarted by an illness. The USMNT roster will be subject to change after the first qualifier in Guatemala on Friday. Hopefully he recovers in time to play apart in the home qualifier next Tuesday in Columbus.