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USA to wear exclusive new Nike Hyperstrong Match Sleeve

Yeah, the U.S. national team is special. The Yanks and France are the only two national teams who will be wearing Nike's all-new Hyperstrong Match Sleeve.

Last week, Nike held their annual Innovative Summit in New York City. At the event, the behemoth of athletic apparel revealed the latest in their cutting-edge technology: the all-new Nike Hyperstrong Match Sleeves.

And don't be confused by the name - we're not talking about shirt sleeves. No - these are sleeves for the players' legs. That's right, Nike finally recognized that socks are a problem, and the new Hyperstrong Match Sleeves are the solution which Nike claims will offer players ultimate protection without losing any agility.

And the really cool part is that the United States and France are the only national teams who'll be wearing them this year. Let's take a closer look:

As you can see, the new product will incorporate greater reinforcement and support in the ankles as well as protection pads in an attempt to provide a stronger safeguard to this injury-prone area.

The new Match Sleeves will be paired with Nike's other all-new product, NikeGRIP socks, which are designed to integrate more traction through their innovative nano-fiber (sounds fancy, right?).

And, just in case you feel that you can't live without these products now that they exist, the Nike Hyperstrong Match Sleeves will be sold by selected retailers in just a few short weeks! Unfortunately, no retail price information has been shared yet.

It's cool that players like Clint Dempsey and Alex Morgan will be dressing like the pits of soccer fashion when they roll out their new national team kits while scrubs like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar will just be wearing regular old Nike socks. I mean, who needs a Ballon D'or when you've got these babies? (And Carli Lloyd has both, so...)

So, regardless of what happens in the Copa America Centenario or the Euro Cup this summer, the U.S. and France can rest easy knowing no one will be able to touch their superior sock game. Thanks, Nike. At least it looks like you're trying to make up for all your U.S. jersey shortcomings of late. Sort of.

H/T to FootyHeadlines