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Nike will sell women's jerseys with a higher neckline after all

Nike PR director tweets about different women's jerseys.

In the wake of Nike Soccer making all their women's-cut jerseys for 2016 come with low scooped v-necks, there's been some discussion of just how sexist that move is.

Today, Nike PR director Heidi Burgett responded to Grant Wahl on the issue

That's great news.

But it needs more details. Why isn't this higher-neckline jersey available now? Is Burgett referring to the authentic jersey that will undoubtedly go on sale later, the one that usually costs about $150 compared to the $90 replica? Will this new jersey have space for the World Cup badge that currently doesn't fit on the low-neck jersey?

And even if you can buy a higher-neckline USA jersey, what about all the other countries who used this Nike template and are also getting low-neck women's replicas? Why did Nike think this low neckline jersey was a good idea in the first place?

If you want to offer a more fitted shirt, that's fine (let's leave aside the fact that they never offer more revealing cuts for men, only for women). The point of a jersey is to represent the team you support, and being a fan of a team shouldn't be a gendered experience.