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Ticket sales for USA vs. Guatemala are bad ahead of World Cup Qualifier

Uh oh!

Ashley Allen/Getty Images

There aren't many ways for fans of the various national teams under the US Soccer umbrella to voice their displeasure. As always with any sports organization, the only way to really affect change is to stop giving them your money.

Despite Nike's best efforts, fans will always buy new national team jerseys, so there has to be another way to stop giving USSF money. Perhaps, fans will realize that watching the game at home instead of dropping $70 on a ticket is a better idea? That's it!

Stars and Stripes FC's very own Rob Usry said this after the humiliating loss down in Guatemala.

So, what can the fans of U.S. Soccer -- the heart and soul of the sport in the country -- do to get their message across to the USSF that they won't tolerate the current leadership any longer? Writing e-mails won't work. Starting an online petition would be like throwing a pebble into the Pacific. No amount of public outcry is going to get U.S. Soccer to reassess the USMNT manager position. There's only one tactic that the fans have in their arsenal that can get the guys in suits to take notice: Stop buying tickets.

Dissatisfied with the fact that the senior men's team is boring and awful, soccer fans are following Rob's advice.

Yes, a decent walk-up crowd could happen and push the number closer to capacity. However, we're two days before what has become a do-or-die World Cup Qualifier, and the Men's National Team haven't sold 20,000 tickets? The fans are speaking in the only way that the United States Soccer Federation understands: With their wallets.