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Geoff Cameron scores an unmarked header; Guatemala is bad at soccer

This game is over.

This game is your reminder that Guatemala is actually bad at soccer. Geoff Cameron doubled the United States' lead in the 35th minute. Meanwhile, the Guatemalans look completely helpless on the field.

Bobby Wood earned a free kick for the Americans after being fouled by Cristian Jimenez. The service in from Michael Bradley into the penalty area was perfect, and Cameron's completely unmarked, glancing header left no chance for Guatemalan goalkeeper Paulo Motta with no chance at the save.

Funny enough, Taylor Twellman quoted Jurgen Klinsmann that the reason for calling Graham Zusi into the national team on short notice (He was not named to the original roster.) was due to his ability to take set pieces. It's interesting that Zusi is on the field and not actually taking the set pieces. Who really knows why he's actually there.

This performance is what everyone expected down in Guatemala, because Guatemala is actually bad at soccer. This can't be emphasized enough.