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Please don't let this be the new U.S. Soccer home kit

Oh jeez. Yet another kit has leaked onto the internet today that looks awfully official. While nothing is guaranteed, we've already seen this pretty controversial black kit leaked that is surely to be the new away kit. Now a new white kit is making the rounds on the internet that has a certain "Official Nike" look to it. You be the judge:

Oof. I'm not a fashion expert, nor do I play one on TV, but if this one turns out to be true as well, there are going to be a lot of folks angry at U.S. Soccer and Nike this year.

Even though this new leak has the look of an official kit, one can only hope it's a new warm-up kit or something. The official color description of the USA's new home kit does offer a little hope.

In the official Nike Summer 2016 catalog the description for the home kits says that it is indeed white, but features two shades of blue with no mention of any red whatsoever. So, we can only hope this is a false leak.

What do you think of this leak and the potential for it to be the new home kit?