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Darlington Nagbe escapes major injury after brutal tackle

Darlington Nagbe is not made of flesh and blood.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, you've probably seen the clip of Nigel de Jong attempting to exorcise the angels and pure goodness that make up Darlington Nagbe's feet. Maybe you wrote an article about how mad you were about it. Maybe you just walked in circles around your living room contemplating the emptiness of the world. Whatever you did, if you were a Portland Timbers or United States supporter, you were mostly waiting to hear the inevitable injury news and recovery timetable.

Wonder no more folks, because Darlington Nagbe's legs are made of cast-iron and Sylvester Stallone's abs from Rocky IV:

This does not mean Nagbe is completely out of the woods. An ankle sprain inevitably means some ligaments were damaged and will need time to repair themselves. But the fact that Nagbe has no broken bones, fractures, or major ruptures after taking a straight-legged challenged from Nigel de Jong on a planted foot is incredible. To suffer the amount of fouls he does in MLS (of which he has suffered 320 over the past five seasons, the most in MLS by nearly 40 fouls in that time period) and continually come back the way he does is a small miracle.

There's no timetable for Nagbe's return to play, but it seems that that wait might be considerably shorter than what most feared when they saw the challenge Sunday night. Raise a glass to Nagbe's ankles and their rubberized-steel properties tonight.