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WATCH: Danny Williams almost fights his own captain during match

A lot of supporters and pundits scratched their heads when Danny Williams wasn't named to the latest World Cup qualifying roster late last month. By all accounts he's had a pretty good season with Reading in the English Championship and let's face it, the USMNT aren't exactly stacked in the defensive midfield department these days.

So what's Danny Williams actually up to these days? Well, he's made some not so flattering headlines this week after an in-match bust up between him and his own captain, Paul McShane. Watch the incident here:

Source: Sky Sports

During Reading's match with Middlesbrough this past weekend, Williams took exception to the captain barking orders at him and got in his face. As you can see the exchange was far from friendly as the two really have a go at each other with it almost turning into a full fledged fight.

The club's manager, Brian McDermott, isn't too worried about the incident, brushing it off as an in the heat of the moment argument.

"I've now had an opportunity to see back the footage of last night's incident and I have talked with both Danny and Paul.

"It happened in the heat of the moment, during an extremely tight game against a very good Middlesbrough side, but I have reminded both players of their responsibilities to both the club and its supporters."

-Brian McDermott; Source: Sky Sports