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This Charlie Davies mini-documentary will hit you right in the feels

ESPN produced a 17-minute documentary on the American striker showing his fight to come back from his car accident.

If you've been a United States men's national team supporter for longer than the last World Cup cycle you know about Charlie Davies and his USMNT career. Once one of the most promising strikers the USA has ever seen, his career trajectory was ruined by a horrific car accident that almost took his life.

ESPN put this 17-minute mini-documentary together entitled "The Unrelenting Charlie Davies" on his story and his fight to get back to full form and possibly to the USMNT one day.

No matter your feelings on Charlie Davies and the accident that led to his USMNT absence, it's tough to watch such a promising career turn out this way. The documentary really brings back emotional feelings of a dark time to be a national team fan not knowing if a player that you loved to watch would live or die after the accident.

The video also shows us what Davies' life has been like and how he was raised to become the promising player that he was and how he's still desperate to return to the USMNT fold.