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Are you 14 and have parents willing to drop $5k towards your soccer dreams? Does USSF have a deal for you!

A Fantasy Camp awaits you for a low, four-figure sum.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

U.S. Soccer has just announced a "Fantasy Camp" for boys born from 2002-2004. The camp itself is designed to "mirror a Youth National Team training camp," while registration includes tickets to a Copa America match, meals, accommodations, and "behind the scenes access," whatever that means.

Basically, you get to play some soccer in front of retired USMNT players and spend a lot of money to do so. Some people, in the bottoms of their cynical hearts, might point to the language of this ad suggesting that this is something of a scouting camp (which it definitely is not, since players of "all skill levels are encouraged to sign up), or that USSF is taking advantage of an affluent set of soccer parents to the detriment of disadvantaged communities continually priced out of the U.S. Soccer setup, but not to worry! All proceeds are tax deductible, since USSF is still, somehow, non-profit.