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Matt Miazga shines in Chelsea debut

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

American soccer fans woke up in the wee hours of Saturday morning to see Matt Miazga's name appear in Chelsea's starting XI against USMNT mate Brad Guzan and lowly Aston Villa. The United States international made his first appearance for the reigning Premier League Champions in the club's 4-0 drubbing of relegation-bound Villa.

The 20-year-old did extremely well considering the pressure of the situation. Drawing praise from pundits, Miazga succeeded in several 1-v-1 situations and looked confident in doing so. It was also his calm demeanor on the ball that impressed everyone who saw him for the first time.

After a rocky two-game playoff performance against Colombia, it's good to see Miazga get back on track in the best of ways. Making your Premier League debut has to be a special moment and while Chelsea aren't title contenders this season, he can always say he played for the defending champions in his first ever match.

Obviously Aston Villa aren't the the best opposition to judge his talent at this level, but he didn't put a foot wrong in his only opportunity so far and that can only help him going foward in his Chelsea career.