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This Jordan Morris finish is pretty dope

Jordan Morris has scored his second career goal in as many weeks. During the Seattle Sounders' MLS match against the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night, the youngster got the start up top without Clint Dempsey in the lineup (groin soreness) to back him up. Trailing 2-0 in the second half, Morris pulled a goal back for his side with this fantastic finish:

While this may look like a simple goal it is anything but. There aren't many American forwards who can create their own shot like that and then follow it up with a pure finish. This is a unique skill that only the top strikers in each league possess and Morris pulled it off and made it look routine.

There are many facets of the game that Morris needs to improve on like off the ball movement and hold up play, but finishing is one skill that he's pretty darn good at and one of the main reasons Jurgen Klinsmann is so high on him.