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This is one of the best goals Gyasi Zardes will ever score

What a goal!

Gyasi Zardes is a confounding soccer player. He consistently does things on the field that will have you scratching your head wondering how he's a United States international. But then he goes and shows glimpses of brilliance that leaves you wondering what could be if he could put it all together. He scored a goal for the LA Galaxy on Saturday night that will be on his career highlight reel forever:

Wow. What a hit by the enigmatic forward. It's moments like these that show why he tied the USMNT record for caps in a year by a newcomer in 2015. If he could only pull off these moments more regularly and cut down on his embarrassingly bad touches and mishaps he'd get a lot less flack from the media and fans.

No matter how you feel about Zardes, you can't deny the brilliance of this goal.