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The first ever subscription box service for soccer fans is here

Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger have created the world's first soccer merchandise box service

The creator of soccer life style brand Bumpy Pitch is trying to revolutionize the soccer merchandise game with a brand new subscription box service. The Terrace Club is the first ever box service for soccer fans and more importantly it's by a brand synonymous with soccer apparel.

According to their website, they will design each specific box around current events in the soccer world.

The Terrace Club is the world's first soccer inspired subscription box service that will send out a box every quarter. Each quarterly box will be inspired by something taking place within the sport. We will curate goods that support this particular theme that will feature products designed and produced by ourselves as well as some of our favorite people and brands.

The exciting news is that the first ever box they'll be releasing in May will be centered around U.S. Soccer's busy summer. Just before the Copa America Centenario kicks off, The Terrace Club's debut box will feature some exclusive goodies that USMNT and USWNT supporters alike will love. Teaming with the American Outlaws, they've designed a special limited edition scarf that will be exclusive to this particular box and won't be available anywhere else.

This is just one of many surprise items that will be enclosed within the box, another will include a very special 1994 World Cup-themed shirt that American soccer fans have purchased from Bumpy Pitch for years to the point of them selling out entirely. They'll be including the shirt among many items only in this first box.

Every quarter, new and exciting merchandise will be sent out to their subscribers. If you're a huge U.S. Soccer fan, their first box aimed towards you can be purchased individually for $75. If you're just a person who loves soccer merchandise, a yearly membership will knock 10% off the price.

Boxes are already available for pre-sale at, but hurry because the pre-sale ends on April 16th. The first box with all the U.S. Soccer goodies will be shipped out on the week of May 23rd.