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Officials openly discussing joint USA-Mexico World Cup bid

The two CONCACAF nations are looking to host together

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The United States and Mexico are bitter rivals on the soccer field but off of it they could be working together to bring the world's biggest tournament to North America.

ESPNFC reports that not only have the two countries openly discussed joining forces and bidding for the 2026 World Cup but that new FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, has already expressed his support for it.

During the FIFA Congress held earlier this week in Mexico City, officials from both countries were reportedly engaged in talks about the details of such a bid. One board member of the USSF, John Motta, says that Mexico are very open to the idea.

"We have spoken to our Mexican counterparts and are very open to the idea of a joint bid."

"It could be a positive move for the game in both countries and it's also a very exciting proposition for FIFA. We will now go away and formulate a timetable for further discussions."

"But whatever happens, we will bid for the 2026 World Cup -- either jointly or we will go it alone."

-USSF Board Member John Motta; Source: ESPNFC

Mexico's president, Decio de Maria, seems optimistic about the possibility of the joint bid's success and has even met with Infantino personally to discuss the idea.

"Mr Infantino was very enthusiastic about my idea for a joint bid and wants me to pursue this further," De Maria said.

"We are committed to becoming the first country to have staged a World Cup three times and we will do all we can to make this happen, either with the United States or independently."

There hasn't been a jointly hosted World Cup since South Korea and Japan hosted the 2002 tournament. Both Mexico and the United States are emerging as huge markets for the world of soccer and this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase each nation on the world's stage.

Final decision on who will host the 2026 World Cup will come in May 2020.