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Bob Bradley believes he is among the top managers in the world

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In a recent interview with The Football Show on Sirius XM, Bob Bradley was talking about the troubles of being an American coaching in Europe and made what appeared to be a rather grandiose claim.

To start off, in his opinion there certainly seems to be a stigma surrounding his nationality.

"There has only been a few times where I really got in and felt like I was really being considered," he said.

However, Bradley stated that he chooses to respond positively.

"What are you going to do? You try to prove yourself, you try to show with every team you manage you try to show your work. You try to show what your team's all about".

The former USMNT head coach went on to say that despite not getting the big jobs, he firmly believes he is among the best managers in the world.

"Around the world there are some great managers, and for every one great one, there are a lot who aren't so good" but that the great managers have a real style to their game, a true identity."

To Bradley, being a great manager is all about a manager's teams having that identity.

"When I've had a chance to observe managers, the ones that do good work; I've mentioned Pochettino, I've mentioned Klopp, ...Tuchel... at Dortmund.. the Guardiola's... the Ancelotti's" their team's quickly developed a clear identity. "Now, I think many of the teams that I've managed that that's happened".

He continued, "I'll tell you what, now maybe I'm stupid, but I think I am a manager in and around that level".

Bradley, currently the manager for Le Havre in France, was quick to clarify, "I'm not saying I am better than these guys.I haven't had those type of opportunities, but I think people that have played for me have always felt that the experience in the team was different, that training was challenging."

Le Havre, currently in Ligue 2, missed out on promotion to the French first division on goal differential, needing one more goal despite Le Havre's 5-0 win on the last day of the season. Bradley looks to be returning next year undeterred, surmising that despite seeming to get passed over for jobs he's thought he was good enough, he isn't giving up.

"I believe in my work, but I don't go around every day complaining. I just roll up my sleeves and try and show people what I'm all about and see what happens."