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Noted anti-soccer blowhard rants about Copa America for 8 minutes

Not everyone is hyped about the Summer of Soccer...

This summer promises to be an amazing one for soccer fans. The Copa America Centenario will be sweeping the United States with 16 of the best national teams from North, South, and Central America competing to see who is top dog of the western hemisphere. It's going to be such an amazing summer that Sports Illustrated has dubbed it "The Summer of Soccer" with a magazine cover.

Lionel Messi graces the cover of the newest edition of SI that features an in-depth preview of the Copa. However, not everyone in America is so thrilled about soccer taking over for a month or two. WFAN's outspoken radio host, Mike Francesa, went on an amazing 8-minute rant about knowing nothing about the Copa America.

He was completely flabbergasted that a true American sports magazine such as SI would dedicate 11 pages of their prestigious magazine to soccer.

It's always hilarious to see sports media figures in America lose their collective minds anytime soccer gets an inch of the spotlight. I'm sure he wouldn't have sad anything if the Sports Illustrated cover was LeBron James for the 500th time. Instead, soccer gets a hint of coverage and it's the literal end of the sports world as we know it.

Everyone point and laugh and enjoy this summer.