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WATCH: Darlington Nagbe's first USMNT goal is a match-winner

Wood to Nagbe to the back of the net.

It took until stoppage time for the USMNT to finally crack the back line of Ecuador. A failed clearance by Ecuador. Bobby Wood was able to get a head on it, nudging it towards Nagbe who was waiting to send it in the back of the net with a scissor kick to slide the ball past the Ecuadorean keeper.

This would prove to be the winning goal.

In a match that for the greater part of 90 minutes, was starting to put people to sleep - but thanks to the vision of Bobby Wood and the foot of Nagbe not only saves the night but saves the match for the USA as they pick up the win.

While the first half was, pretty bad to put it mildly - things picked up with Pulisic, Wood and Nagbe all being brought on in the later stages of the match.