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WATCH: John Brooks finishes off inventive quick free kick routine

Bedoya assists in his second goal of the night, on this John Brooks goal.

Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

The USA does it again, this time in style. It starts with Micheal Bradley to lofting a ball towards the box, a sliding a Bedoya was on his back and able to get a foot on the ball and shuffle it towards an awaiting John Brooks. It didn't help that Bolivia were again caught sleeping and not paying attention to their marking which left Brooks in front of the net all alone. For Bedoya it was his second assist of the night.

The USA hasn't lost to Bolivia in the last six meetings and it's not looking good for them now.  And they haven't scored on the USA in just about as much. But the USMNT still has work to get done, there should be at least a goal or two more in them. Though headed into the half, who knows who will be on the field for the Stars & Stripes come the re-start.