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WATCH: Gyasi Zardes Scores 2nd Goal Of The Night: USA 3-0 Bolivia

Bradley to Wood to Zardes for the 3rd goal of the night.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

It only took Gyasi Zardes just a few minutes after the re-start to get another goal, thanks to an assist from Bobby Wood. The USMNT now have a comfortable lead that should (fingers crossed) lead to a victory with the Copa America Centario just days away from kicking off against Colombia.

Bradley with a nice delivery to Wood who was streaking down the left side towards the far post. Wood was able to chest it down, make a one touch cross into the six yard box where Gyasi Zardes was waiting like a vulture to knock home his second goal on the night.

Remember when I said they had at least a couple more goals at least in them? I wasn't wrong, only need to tack on one more. With as much as the USMNT is controlling the ball it would be hard not to say that they'll pick up one more before it hits 90 minutes in Kansas City.