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U-17 USWNT drawn into Group D for World Cup

The U-17's now know who they'll face in Jordan

Dino Panato/Getty Images

The U-17 USWNT has been drawn into Group D for the 2016 World Cup in Jordan.

They will face Paraguay, Ghana, and Japan in the group stage.

Japan and Ghana could provide a real challenge to the US in getting out of group, although the US did beat Japan twice earlier this year at the NTC Women's Invitational. Should the US win Group D, their road through knockout rounds would lead them to play the second-place team from Group C, which presents a host of bad options to face so early in knockout. Second place in Group D is no better, since they would then face the Group C winner, guaranteeing a fight no matter what to advance to semis.

The U-17 Women's World Cup will be held in Jordan this year and begins September 30.

All Groups

Group A: Jordan, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand

Group B: Venezuela, Germany, Cameroon, Canada

Group C: Nigeria, Brazil, England, Korea DPR

Group D: USA, Paraguay, Ghana, Japan