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USA vs. Paraguay, Copa America 2016: Community Player Ratings

You react, you rate

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The United States men's national team are headed to the Copa America Centenario quarterfinals after defeating Paraguay 1-0. It was an extremely hard fought victory that clinches the a spot in the knockout stage for the USA. We don't know when, where, or who they'll play yet, but we know they're in and that's all that matters right now.

The team overcame a few obstacles along the way tonight and prevailed against a pretty good team. There were many great individual perfomances and some not so good performances. The floor is now yours. Vote wisely.

Instead of us getting on our high horse and telling you our player ratings, we feel is a great idea to give you guys the forum to be heard. Below is a form for you to fill out rating each player that played it tonight's match. After the community gets their votes in, we'll reveal the winner and who you voted Man of the Match. Please be as fair and unbiased as possible for best result.