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FIFA 17 official gameplay trailer drops

Take a look at the latest iteration of EA's FIFA series

The official gameplay trailer for FIFA 17 dropped today, introduced at the EA press conference by Peter Moore, EA's Chief Competition Officer.

Moore said during the presentation that some Premiere League managers will be in the game for the first time, including Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, and Jurgen Klopp. FIFA 17 has also switched over to a new engine called Frostbite. Gameplay has new features like driven shots and threaded passes and there should be more "creative control" over free kicks, among other things.

FIFA 17 will have a new Journey mode, which is essentially a single-player story mode. You play a character named Alex Hunter who is "the Premier League's next rising star."

The game should also still include women's teams, although there was no mention that they'll be adding teams to the 12 NTs already featured in FIFA 16. Expect an announcement on that later, as some of Norway's players posted pictures on social media of themselves seemingly getting scanned for the game.

FIFA 17 will be released September 27 of this year.