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Christian Pulisic attended high school prom hours before scoring first USMNT goal

Remember when Christian Pulisic notched his first ever international goal against Bolivia in the final pre-Copa America friendly? It was a pretty cool moment for the 17-year-old and one that may be a trivia question one day if the youngster lives up to the massive amount of hype surrounding him.

It was a really nice team goal as well, so it's likely it'll be memorable either way. Another factor in the goal that came to light recently could make it even more awesome.

Pulisic scored that tremendous goal just hours after attending his high school prom. Jurgen Klinsmann gave the Hershey, PA native permission to fly back home and attend his prom.

May have missed a few school days but made it to senior prom #tbt

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After enjoying himself at the high school shindig, Pulisic took a private jet back to Kansas City to play against Bolivia where he eventually scored his milestone goal.

What a year the kid is having, huh? From the Borussia Dortmund U-17 team to the Copa America...and your high school prom in just a matter of months. That's a pretty impressive career arc.