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WATCH: U.S. Soccer and American Outlaws pay tribute to Orlando shooting victims

Thursday night's Copa America quarterfinal match-up between the United States and Ecuador was not only a huge match from a competition standpoint, but it was also the first time the U.S. national team had taken the field since the tragic mass shooting that took place in Orlando that claimed 49 lives.

In a show of respect, U.S. Soccer had a special rainbow-colored armband made for Michael Bradley to wear during the match. A sign of respect towards the LGBTQ community who were affected the most by this tragedy.

The American Outlaws supporter group also paid tribute to the victims by singing "You Are My Sunshine" during the 62nd minute of the match. The Orlando AO chapter is the 62nd chapter in the organization's history.

Fans all over the country also took part in the singing. It was a truly beautiful show of respect by the U.S. Soccer community in a moment of tragedy for the whole country.