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Irrelevant ex-Mexico player salty about USA’s Copa America success


FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 Greece v Mexico Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

When you lose 7-0 in a major international tournament it’s bound to stir up some emotions. Followers of the Mexico national team experienced this unfortunate scenario this past weekend when they were humiliated by Chile in the Copa America Centenario quarterfinals.

Their fans are understandably upset. Their players have already openly apologized for their performances. However, with so many emotions and feelings available, some aren’t choosing anger or remorse.

Someone named Gonzalo Pineda has responded by taking shots at the United States men’s national team. I’m not even sure who that person is. Let me go check wikipedia before finishing this article.

According to the trusty internet, Mr. Pineda is a former Mexico player. He had an impressive 44 caps for El Tri and even played in MLS for a spell. I usually don’t trust the internet 100% with info, but I can’t be bothered to fact check that. Please correct me in the comments if that’s inaccurate.

Nevertheless, Mr. Pineda responded to the 7-0 by lashing out at the USMNT to Goal Mexico.

"I think it's an illusion what they've got in this Copa America. Before this tournament I didn't see, and I still don't see, a convincing team beyond the results," he told Goal Mexico. "I don't like the United States' style. It has won, yes, but it hasn't played to win, and for me against Ecuador the U.S. saved from losing and even from being blown out."

If I am interpreting this correctly, Mr. Pineda credits the USA’s victory over Ecuador to playing defense. Perhaps if Mexico’s style had involved some type of defense they wouldn’t have allowed a touchdown to Chile. Maybe.

Apparently his saltiness stems from the humorous tweet from U.S. Soccer boasting about being the only CONCACAF team left in the Copa America.

Mexico have tons of individual talent, but for all their flash, they still lack the cohesiveness and selflessness that makes the USMNT successful. Is Mexico’s style more entertaining than the USA’s? Definitely. Do Mexico have better skill players than the USA? Without a doubt. Are Mexico a better "team" than the USA? Who knows. They surely weren’t on Saturday night.

What’s certain is, no amount of saltiness is erasing that embarrassment of a performance against Chile. It seems to me Mexico and their backers have much more to worry about than what the USMNT are up to. Lashing out at the USA doesn’t make any sense. Especially for someone who I had to look up on wikipedia just to find out who it was. You don’t see Jeff Larentowicz trash talking Mexico, do you?