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Jordan Morris' omission is even more glaring heading into Argentina semifinal

The young striker could've helped replace Bobby Wood

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

-Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Mark Kastner. Mark is an editor for and can be found on twitter at @mkstnr


With the inevitable news of Bobby Wood's suspension being upheld, Jurgen Klinsmann has quite the selection headache up top to sort out before the clash with Argentina. Jordan Morris is the obvious solution to this problem, except there's one issue with that: He's not on the roster.

The decision to leave off Jordan Morris from this roster was baffling a month ago, and even more so now. The way it shook out then was that Klinsmann essentially picked Chris Wondolowski ahead of Jordan Morris, which makes it even more absurd now that Klinsmann finds himself in this situation. There's not another player on this roster (or even the preliminary roster) that offers the same skill set as Bobby Wood, besides Jordan Morris.

At the core of this unexpected, but exciting, run to the semifinals for the USMNT is how well Clint Dempsey has been able to play. Entering into this tournament, there was a lot of speculation around Clint Dempsey's role with the national team, and questions about if he should even be on the roster, let alone starting. His performance thus far has all but put those critiques to rest, but he hasn't done this entirely on his own.

Bobby Wood has been vital to Clint Dempsey's success, as Wood has created the space for Dempsey to operate in by running the channels and dragging the defenders away. If - and that's a BIG if - the USMNT are going to find success against Argentina, they'll need Clint Dempsey to be their best player.

Not having Jordan Morris on the roster to replace Bobby Wood is going to show just how much of a mistake Jurgen made in selecting his 23-man roster. Whatever Klinsmann ends up doing to solve the problems caused by suspensions, it won't be as good of a solution as he could have had.