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Alejandro Bedoya and the USMNT aren't listening to the doubters

Time to prove the naysayers wrong

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Alejandro Bedoya isn't playing tonight. He's suspended due to yellow card accumulation. With his spare time he's been known to make his voice heard in one way or another. One of his outlets has been writing for The Players' Tribune, a website for athletes to write and let their opinions or thoughts be known. That's something Bedoya has an abundance of.

He wrote an article previewing the USA-Argentina semifinal that is really, really good. Make sure you read the whole thing here.

The main theme of the article is ignoring the doubters and naysayers (basically the media). He tells the story of him and Geoff Cameron at a Greek restaurant in Houston the night of Argentina's quarterfinal win against Venezuela and overhearing the fans dismissing the USA's chances in the next round.

"You know what? This team's beatable. We can do this," Bedoya tells Cameron after seeing Argentina's performance.

The team has a newfound confidence about them. Hopefully it shows tonight and they can shock the world. Bedoya and the rest of the guys surely won't be afraid of Lionel Messi or any of the other great players opposing them.

It seems like the mantra of the team is to rise above the doubt. Well, tonight will be the ultimate test for them to prove everyone wrong. It's time to back up that confidence with a result.