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The Landon Donovan-Jurgen Klinsmann feud may be over

Better late than never?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It's the feud to end all feuds, especially in the American soccer realm. Landon Donovan vs. Jurgen Klinsmann. No one knows exactly what happened to cause such animosity between the two. All we know is that it culimated with the latter leaving the former off the USA's 2014 FIFA World Cup roster.

A few months later, Landon got a sendoff match where the two awkwardly had to coincide. Then he was gone, off to win MLS Cup with the LA Galaxy and then retire. While Klinsmann has continued on as the USMNT manager. End of story, right?

Apparently the two met before the USA's 2-1 victory over Ecuador in the Copa America quarterfinals and have cleared the air. Donovan revealed to Sports Illustrated that he and Klinsmann have talked through their issues in order to have a working relationship in the future.

"Jurgen and I actually had a really good meeting before the Ecuador game and sat for a few hours and talked about a lot of things," Donovan said. "I'll keep that private, but it was very good. I think we have come to a place where we both can move on from it. It wasn't an easy time probably for either of us, but we both realize that life goes on, and if we're both going to be involved in this sport, we should have a relationship, and so we are on good terms, and I expect it to remain that way."

It's good to see this resolution finally come. It's just a shame that it came two years too late. It seems like this conversation happening in the summer of 2014 could've saved everyone from a little heartbreak and outrage. Oh well. That's life, I guess.