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No, Jurgen Klinsmann isn't leaving for Southampton or any other job


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The American soccer community got in a bit of a tizzy over the past 12 hours or so when it was revealed that Jurgen Klinsmann was the odds-on favorite to take the vacant managing position at Premier League club Southampton. His betting odds to take over at St. Mary's magically jumped from 40-1 all the way to 1-3 after the lopsided loss to Argentina in Copa America.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Last year he was among the favorites to take the Aston Villa job.

NBC Sports have since confirmed that he's not on Southampton's shortlist for their manager spot.

Jurgen Klinsmann isn't leaving the United States job. Why would he? It's a dream job for him. His home is California. Yes, he was born in Germany, but California is his home now. With the USMNT he gets to stay home and see his son develop as a soccer player.

Then there's the small matter of his sweet, sweet salary. Jurgen brings in a cool $2.6 Million a year as the USA manager. For reference, the only manager in the Copa America who made more was Brazil's Dunga who made $3 Million before he was fired.

Previous Southampton manager Ronald Koeman was bringing in slightly higher salary than Klinsmann does now. Would he really leave the comfort of "home" for a minimal raise, if that? I can't see it happening, especially with the job security he has with the USA job.

As much as supporters like to fantasize about Klinsmann getting fired, USSF president Sunil Gulati has been committed to his hire. Through thick and thin he's supported Jurgen and been behind him 100%. Before the Copa America group match against Costa Rica he came out and hinted that his position could be in danger if the team's performances in the tournament didn't improve, but improved they did.

That seemed like the only possible window for Jurgen to be fired. If the USMNT had been embarrassed against Costa Rica and/or Paraguay and been eliminated from the Copa at home, then it's possible Klinsmann could've been let go. Now? That's not happening. And he sure isn't leaving that type of job security unless a club makes him an offer he can't refuse.

A mid-table Premier League club's job security is about has untenable as it gets. Jurgen isn't leaving the U.S. national team and it's time to accept that he's here until at least his contract runs out in 2018. Like it or not, we're stuck with him and him with us.