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WATCH: Tim Howard featured in "The Journey"

U.S. Soccer has a brilliant multimedia department. They edit together some really great videos and spared no expense for their new feature on USMNT legend Tim Howard. This fantastic look at the life and career of the 37-year-old delves into his club and international past with insight from the man himself. Take a look:

Unfortunately for every great player the end comes eventually. It appears as if that inevitable moment is rapidly approaching for Howard, at least on the international stage. As he makes his way home to MLS, it's important to reflect on his legendary work overseas in England and the path he helped build for younger players hoping to ply their trade in Europe.

Who knows how much longer we'll get to see Howard donning the red, white (black), and blue? Let's just cherish the time we have left of seeing one of the best American soccer players ever. There will never be another Tim Howard.