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USA vs. Colombia, Copa America 2016: Stock Up, Stock Down

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I called it! I totally called it! Chile beat Argentina in the final on penalties, just like last year, and I totally called it!

Wait, what? USA v. Colombia? Oh, I suppose that is a game that happened. But I mean, jeez, can't a guy get a moment to gloat? Here's who saw their stock go up in Saturday's 3rd place match.

Stock Up

Bobby Wood

Wood missed out on the semifinal, and on Saturday, he showed why he was dearly missed. Wood didn't have a perfect game — his passing in particular let him down at times — but his hold up play was threatening and he had some of the best chances on the night for the USMNT. His selection by you, our readers, as the man of the match was deserved.

Christian Pulisic

Once again, Pulisic came on and showed no intimidation in the face of strong adversity. When he entered the match, he brought on a much-needed spark to the offense. It wasn't enough to get the job done, but it certainly is an encouraging sign from such a young player. These few minutes in the Copa America need to be translated to more playing time in future matches.

Stock Down

Michael Orozco

John Brooks and Fabian Johnson were a bit beaten up from all the work they faced throughout the tournament, so Klinsmann gave them a rest. To cover for them, Matt Besler and Michael Orozco stepped into the line up. Orozco, in particular, had a poor night. The goal came from his side of the pitch, and he was regularly overrun by Cuadrado. On top of that, his bad reaction at the close of the game earned him a sending off. Orozco already isn't the most loved player on the USMNT, and this performance did nothing to change that.

Brad Guzan

I don't want to be Brad Guzan right now. After a rough and humiliating season with Aston Villa, Guzan came into the Copa America with something to prove. For most of the tournament, he did fine. And then he screwed up bad against Argentina. Apparently, Klinsmann thought that was enough to drop him for the aging Tim Howard. Howard had a decent game. He wasn't really at fault for the goal and his distribution was a welcome improvement. Soccer is a cruel sport and the only question anyone really asks is "What have you done for me lately?" Well, the last thing Guzan did was get dropped after getting hammered.

Edgar Castillo

When DeAndre Yedlin was suspended against Ecuador, Klinsmann chose to compensate by pushing Fabian Johnson to right back and playing Matt Besler at left back instead of Castillo. And now, with Fabian Johnson rested, Castillo still couldn't step into the line up, this time with Besler slotting in at center back and Orozco at fullback. And Orozco was expected to not do well. Castillo already wasn't in Klinsmann's plans at fullback, only making the roster after Timothy Chandler's injury. But third choice at the actual tournament? That has to hurt.