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Klinsmann: No difference between USA and Colombia, besides the two goals

Do you agree?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

After any United States men's national team match, the post-match reaction is always interesting to comb through. Jurgen Klinsmann was his usual optimistic self after the 2-0 loss to Colombia in the opening match of the Copa America Centenario.

As bitter as it is to drop a match in a major tournament, Jurgen claims that the USA was even with the No. 3 team in the world during the loss. He added that all that separated the teams was the two goals scored.

A quick look at the statistics of the match show that he's not too far off in his assessment. Colombia had just one more shot than the U.S. on the night, 13-12 (although beat them 7-2 at actually getting them on target). The USA slightly edged out Colombia in possession 53-47%. They also had one more corner (4-3) than their opposition.

The U.S. did have some nice spells of comfortable possession, but really struggled with the Colombian's high pressure in the middle of the field. Michael Bradley found it really difficult to pick out passes and keep hold of the ball against the fierce pressure.

Statistically, the U.S. were pretty even with Colombia. As far as actual class on the field and end product? It's a debatable stance to take.

Do you agree with Klinsmann that both teams were even on the night?