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Will Soldier Field play the correct national anthems for USA vs. Costa Rica?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

We're only one round of group matches into the 2016 Copa America Centenario and already it's been a crazy ride. We've seen just about as many snafus and outrageous moments as we've seen total goals so far. Most notably have been the not one, but two national anthem disasters.

It all began on Sunday night when Uruguay were taking on Mexico. As the Uruguayans were ready for their national anthem to be blasted out by the stadium's PA system, one of the most prideful moments in all of sports, they were greeted with a completely different country's anthem. The PA controller had accidentally played Chile's anthem instead. A truly embarrassing moments for event organizers.

As you can see, the poor Uruguay team were thoroughly confused at what was happening. The Copa America organizers would rush to issue a public apology before the match even reached half-time.

You'd think that everyone involved would have learned their lesson. The very next night, Chile, by some kind of karmic justice, had their national anthem interrupted by a damn Pitbull song. In the famous words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going on out here?" They have messed up once again:

As if this tournament didn't already have enough of a black cloud hanging over it, the people tasked with doing the most mundane things like pushing the right buttons on a board are sabotaging it and making it even more of a joke.

This begs the question now, is any match in this tournament safe from Anthem-gate? What about the USA's match tonight against Costa Rica? Are we just supposed to take for granted that they'll play the Star-Spangled Banner when the time comes? What if they play Canada's anthem instead?

Or even worse. Imagine Michael Bradley's face when it's time for the anthem to be played and this blares out of the PA system:

There's no possible way we could have three nights in a row with a national anthem blunder is there? With the way this tournament has been put together and run, there's literally no telling. Maybe the people in Chicago will have their stuff together and know what they're doing. Or maybe not. We can only wait and hope they figure out how to push a button properly.