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USA vs. Costa Rica, Copa America 2016: Community Player Ratings

Your reactions, your ratings

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The United States men's national team responded from an opening match loss to Colombia with a one-sided hammering of Costa Rica. Clint Dempsey's 9th minute penalty got things started after the U.S. avoided an aggressive Tico attack early on. After the U.S. took the lead it was all downhill from there as Costa Rica folded a bit after going down a goal.

There were many great performances all over the field in the 4-0 win. From the back line to the front it was a fantastic team performance. Now it's up to you to decide who the best players were.

Instead of us getting on our high horse and telling you our player ratings, we feel is a great idea to give you guys the forum to be heard. Below is a form for you to fill out rating each player that played it tonight's match. After the community gets their votes in, we'll reveal the winner and who you voted Man of the Match. Please be as fair and unbiased as possible for best result.