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Landon Donovan wants to acquire a USSF coaching license

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Landon Donovan the manager? It could happen one day soon.

While announcing the MLS' roster for their annual Homegrown Game on Tuesday, the United States' all-time leading goal scorer made a personal announcement too. He said that in August, he'll begin the process of obtaining his U.S. Soccer coaching license.

Donovan will be managing the Homegrown team against the Mexico U-20 national team on July 27 in the annual showcase of the league's top Homegrown Players. Afterwards he'll start training for his U.S. Soccer National B license.

"I'm still very new in this process, in August I'm taking my first coaching course in Texas, I believe, and I have a lot to learn," he said in a live Facebook Q&A. "Just in speaking to different people there's so much more that goes into coaching than you realize. Last year having gone through this process was very interesting for me, because it's not as simple as just putting out a lineup or picking a team or going through a standard training session. There's so much that goes into this, both behind the scenes and when you get on the field in an actual game. So it's a really interesting process for me."

-Landon Donovan; Source:

It's been a year and a half since Donovan played in his last competitive match. However, he's not resting in his post-soccer player life. He's already become a minority owner of Swansea City in the Premier League and he also became a father.

Now he's venturing into the coaching realm. For a guy that's been in the U.S. Soccer spotlight since he was 17, being in the shadows for the last 18 months has to have been a change of pace. It looks like he'll soon be back in the public's line of sight very soon and could be managing a club somewhere.