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Dom Dwyer not going to Olympiakos, still on track for USMNT eligibility

If they want him.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Goal reported that Greek Superleague club Olympiakos made a $3 million offer for Sporting KC striker Dom Dwyer.

However, SKC and head coach Peter Vermes rejected the transfer:

“There’s a lot of different moving parts in these deals — both for the club and the player,” Vermes said. “Everybody has to be comfortable with that. I would say right now, we’re not (comfortable) — neither of us are.

“So it’s simple: Based on what the structure and situation is, we’re not considering it at the moment.”

Dwyer, soon to be 26-years old, is currently in the process of becoming an American citizen. He moved to the United States in 2009 and got a green card in 2012.

He'll be eligible for citizenship in 2017, and in April he expressed his continuing desire to play for the U.S. men's national team:

“I think I do [want to play for the USMNT]," Dwyer told ESPN’s Monica Gonzalez. "I think any guy would jump at the opportunity to play, so I think if that opportunity presents itself I will absolutely be up for it."

If he were to move to Olympiakos, his push for citizenship would be derailed as he wouldn't be meeting residency requirements. (I'm not an immigration lawyer [or a lawyer at all, much to my father's dismay], so feel free to tell me in the comment section if I'm wrong.)

Since joining MLS in 2012, Dwyer has scored 46 goals in 102 appearances (along with an incredible 15 goals in 13 USL matches during a 2013 loan stint). While it is currently unknown if USMNT head coach and technical director Jurgen Klinsmann is aware of the English-born striker, the national team can always use another talented and productive goal scorer.

Will Dwyer suit up for the USMNT in the future? Will I continue to disappoint my father? Let us know in the comment section.